The ESG Platform of choice

For Corporates


• Multi-standard ESG reporting
• Blockchain-enabled Data Hub for collection of ESG data from multiple data sources


For Banks


• A platform to facilitate Green Finance
• AI-enabled platform to assess the ESG Risk of customers

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End-To-End ESG management platform for
Corporations, Banks and Practitioners

Enhance your company's sustainability performance with a SaaS tool that provides automated reporting, management and deep analytics for ESG data.


ESG Assessment

Understand your current maturity and close gaps by planning and tracking ESG projects and Goals

Maturity Assessment

Understand the ESG maturity of your business and its supply chain with a customisable maturity survey to assess ESG readiness

Sentiment analysis & Peer Benchmarking

Compare the ESG performance of your peers and identify gaps through a powerful sentiment analysis engine to analyse competitor data

Materiality Map

Map material topics based on importance to business and stakeholders through customisable surveys

Goal Setting, Strategy & Risk

Classify ESG risks, understand their impact, set improvement targets for key indicators and implement strategy across organisations to improve ESG scores


Blockchain enabled Data Hub

Streamline Data capture and consolidation from various sources and locations for processing and monitoring of key ESG indicators

Data collection automation

Orchestrated data acquisition from existing systems like SAP, HRMS platforms, IoT sensors and more to pool all necessary data points

Data Processing

Customized metric calculations and framework-specific data processing for easy filling of reports

Data Access control

Assign specific tasks to selected groups within your organisation and trace the progress at each step

Data Immutability

Blockchain-enabled backend to ensure the data cannot be fudged or forged, with the ability to verify the authenticity of the data


Multi Standard ESG Reporting

Generate sustainability reports and public disclosures based on regulatory frameworks and take actions to improve based on industry insights


ESG Functional Dashboards

Powerful insights from data can be viewed on a single dashboard to derive operational insights to improve business performance

Sustainability Reports

Prepare sustainability reports on multiple global frameworks like GRI, SASB, BRSR, TCFD etc. from the data collected

Actionable Insights

Machine learning-driven insights about various aspects to help the user take the right steps towards sustainability

Customisable datasets

Make custom datasets with ease using the configurable data mapping engine to uncover hidden patterns


Sustainability Linked Loan Product (SLLP)

The SLLP enables banks to incentivise the sustainability performance of the borrower


Managing Green Finance Projects

Bank can create SLLPs and open them to customers to create projects with its sustainability performance targets (SPTs)

Track Project SPTs

Monitor indicators and track progress towards sustainability Performance targets (SPT) and share progress reports with stakeholders

Measure the impact of Green Finance

Monitor key indicators and measure impact delivered through Green Finance and progress towards Net Zero targets


AI enabled platform to assess ESG Risk

A portal to assess ESG risk easily and visualise the results from various perspectives


Run assessments on clients

Pre-created set of ESG questions that can be shared with clients to take ESG-related information

Customizable questionnaire

Ability to customise the questionnaire as per the credit policy of the bank

AI-based correlation on public data & sentiment analysis

Ability to upload reports and correlate the client data along with sentiment analysis on public data sources

Peer analysis

Benchmark the ESG profile of clients with similar companies in the same sector


Data Security

Data integrity

A blockchain-backed backend ensures the transparency and integrity of the data that has come in from various sources

Data privacy

The privacy policy of the data that we process, follows global compliance to ensure maximum compatibility in all geographies

Data Encryption

Industry-grade cryptography protocols are in place to encrypt the data while it's in transit and ensure the highest level of security

Data Management

Flexible data access control and deployment strategies to satisfy client-specific requirements

Corporate NGO

Corporates Consultants Banks Can use Impact Grows

Manage your complete ESG roadmap and sustainability reporting from a single place

A multi-tenant platform for providing ESG services to multiple customers

Customer peer benchmarking and ESG maturity assessment for tailoring consulting services

A central hub for ESG data of client portfolio for monitoring KPIs and developing interventions tailored to the client

Simplifying the materiality assessment, ESG strategy and Disclosure process for corporates, using global ESG frameworks - SASB, GRI, BRSR.

Measure ESG readiness, benchmark yourself against your peers and implement of ESG practices in line with Global Standards


Collect, review and monitor data from various data sources through Central Data Hub and generate consolidated reports and dashboards


Monitor KPIs linked to Sustainability performance targets (SPTs) and progress towards Net Zero Targets of the organization

Manage your complete ESG roadmap and sustainability reporting from a single place

Measure ESG readiness, benchmark yourself against your peers and implement of ESG practices in line with Global Standards


Develop Sustainability Linked Loan (SLL) Products for funding ESG interventions/ projects


Conduct periodic ESG Risk assessment of clients

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