ESG WISE: ESG Intelligent AI Chatbot

Crafted by ImpactGrows, is a generative AI tool simplifying ESG analysis by offering a wide array of data from diverse sources


What is ESG WISE

ESG WISE employs advanced machine learning algorithms to analyze extensive ESG data. Leveraging AI technology, it processes and comprehends complex sustainability information from various sources, encompassing ESG reports, goals, news stories, annual reports, and insights from ESG Advisors.

Key Features

We have a range of features that will enable your ESG analysis

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Access to Company ESG Profiles

ESG WISE provides ESG data on
100+ companies and can be
used to inquire about specific
ESG metrics

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Delivering ESG Insights

ESG WISE provides company-
specific insights, evaluating
ESG risk, strengths, and
improvement areas from
diverse data sources for
informed decision-making

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Peer Benchmarking & Analysis

Using ESG WISE Premium,
unlock exclusive access to
company-specific peer
analysis for seamless
benchmarking against industry

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Analyse Controversies & Public Sentiment

ESG WISE delivers real-time
market insights, categorizing
news for a comprehensive
understanding of each
company's public sentiment


Current Limitations & Future potential

While ESG WISE provides robust ESG insights, we acknowledge its current stage as a work in progress. Consider ESG WISE as an evolving tool, learning alongside you. Currently covering 100 companies, your feedback will steer our expansion. Our AI evolves with each interaction, ensuring increasingly valuable insights for stakeholders—investors, advisors, and beyond. Join us in shaping the future of ESG data accessibility and utilization